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Built-in pump

Don't stress your lungs, your mattress comes with its built-in foot pump!

Small as a water bottle

Nothing is worse than a bulky mattress swinging around as you walk. Ours can fit in most pockets.

Adjustable pillow

Provides proper support for your spine, ensuring long term health benefits



The air pockets act like a well-insulated wall in the house.

AirMat Pro exceeds the R-value of 4, meaning it's incredibly efficient for all seasons.


TPU coating

Soft to the touch, while remaining completely waterproof.

Polyurethane protection

Scratch and puncture-resistant material, offering protection from freezing temperatures and even light fire.

40D nylon

Breathable high thread nylon for the right balance between weight and durability.

Restoring nature

You're contributing towards a better tomorrow! A percentage of your purchase goes towards tree planting charities.

AirMat Pro™ is designed for every scenario. Revolutionary foot pump design inflates the mattress in less than 30 seconds! Sleep like a baby on your side, or on your back in any terrain thanks to our ergonomically designed 144 layered insulated air cells.



  • Size: 23in x 75in / 58cm x 190cm
  • Thickness: 2,5in  /  6,5cm
  • Pillow thickness: up to 6in  15cm
  • When packed: 3in x 8in  /  8cm x 22cm


  • Total weight: 1.1lbs  /  497g
  • Max support capacity: 573lbs  /  260kg 
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Extremely Durable
Revolutionary Inflation
Ultra Lightweight
Super Compact
Maximum Comfort
Cold Protection
Built-In Pillow
Extremely Durable

As hikers and campers ourselves, we were sick and tired of having mats pop on us! This is why we made sure the mattress we created wasn't going to do so... We use ultra-durable double-layered material that feels natural to the skin.

Revolutionary Inflation

We designed a pressurized built-in foot pump for instant setup, saving your lungs at high altitude. Simply press the built-in pump with your foot for less than 30 seconds, and you're set to fall asleep.

Ultra Lightweight

A typical outdoor mattress weighs around 4,5 pounds. With a finished product weight of only 1,1 pound, we made it our goal to minimize the weight of our mattress as much as possible.

Super Compact

One of our customer's favorite features is the fact that it is as small as a water-bottle when it's folded and stored in its carrying bag. Nothing is worse than a bulky sleeping mattress swinging around on the side as you walk.

Maximum Comfort

Do you suffer from backache and neck pain every time you go camping? We certainly did... This is why we tested and tested the comfort of our mattress until it was made to be one of the most comfortable rated mattresses ever. With 144 insulated flexible air cells that contour to the exact shape of your body, the expert design of this pad will help you achieve a comfortable night's sleep no matter where you are.

Cold Protection

Your body absorbs the cold 10x faster from the ground than it does from surrounding cold air. So when camping, the last thing you want is a mattress that does the same thing. That is why we have an ergonomically designed, multi-layer system inside our mats to ensure absolutely minimal heat will be passed from you to the ground.

Built-In Pillow

The top of the mattress is padded in the shape of a pillow to provide a proper cushion for your head, and a good night of sleep.


We're proud to have over 23,000 satisfied customers from all around the world. Having made some of the most innovative products, we want to make sure we back that up. If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase of the AirMat Pro™, you can return it for a FULL refund within 28 days AFTER you have received your order.

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